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    Brakes & Suspension

    Cost-effective brakes servicing in sydney

    Problems with car brakes can be a huge threat to safety. Luckily, Extra Care Autos is qualified to help diagnose and repair car brake problems in Sydney. Contact us for auto brake services as soon as you experience or notice any of the following: Unusual sounds when the brake is held down. Loss of control while braking. Sunken brake pedal, when the pedal stays low for far too long. Weak brakes that do not immediately cause the car to stop.


    Signs that your vehicle may need a suspension repair, or a suspension service include: Discomfort when riding over bumps, unnatural noise from the undercarriage of the car, excessive bouncing while you’re driving your car. Facing difficulty with the navigation of corners. If there is a problem with your suspension system, then you will no doubt notice excessive body roll through corners while you’re driving. This makes it more difficult to maintain grip on the road and will slow you down considerably through corners. It will also heavily affect your ability to respond to emergency situations on the road. If your car is going through tyres more often than it should, it indicates that suspension service is required. If your car looks uneven when parked. Provide your details at the Contact page to get a call from our friendly Customer Service team. We will provide you a quote from our experienced and qualified mechanics.

    Common problems that need car brake repairs

    Car brake problems are serious issues that are unfortunately all too common. The usual suspects that we spot when we do car brake repairs are:
    Many different brake fluid issues occur, and almost all of them cause significant safety troubles. Perhaps the most common is when brake fluids get to a dangerously low level. If this is the case, there may be a leak that causes the brake fluid to seep out. This can cause a weak brake which is risky to have on the road. Brake fluid contamination is also quite common, happening when other substances mix into the ylinder. Again, this compromises the car’s ability to brake.
    Brake pads are designed to reduce internal friction when the car brakes. When these wear out, the car risks getting internal damage. Rotors can become warped or cracked as a result. Mismatched or ill-fitting brake pads are also a significant issue. If the pads do not fit, the brakes would not work efficiently. Finally, it’s normal for brake pads to wear out with constant use. Brake pads replacement is a necessity when the lining gets too thin. If you are in Sydney, you can contact Extra Care Autos for urgent work. We don’t recommend waiting longer than you should to get brake pads replacement.
    All brakes will eventually need adjustment, ideally by professional brake service. Brake performance takes a significant hit if they aren’t adjusted or if the adjustment is done poorly. Some examples of issues that come from poor adjustment are weak brakes, noises, or low brake pedals. So, be sure only to have your brakes adjusted by a professional. Extra Care Autos is more than up to the task when it comes to car brakes service.
    The brake line helps turn the pressure put on the pedal into a force for stopping the car. Without a functional brake line, the car will not be able to generate enough force to brake. Brake line problems can be rather dangerous. Luckily, most cars will tell the driver if there are any impending brake line issues. When this happens, go for an auto brakes service as soon as possible.

    Contact extra care autos for sydney brake service and car brake repair needs

    We at Extra Care Autos know how to diagnose brake problems and act accordingly. But our work doesn’t stop there. We also do an exhaustive check of everything brake-related. From rotors, callipers, shoes, cylinders, to wheels: we check them all. This is to make sure that everything is in good working order and all your car rides are as safe as they can be. Contact your friendly auto mechanic today for cost-efficient and immediate auto brake services in Revesby and elsewhere in Sydney.

    Revesby expert brake service and repair

    Brakes are essential components of every vehicle. Regardless of whether you drive properly or not, it is essential to brake safely and at the appropriate moment. This will not be feasible until the brakes on your automobile are in excellent working order, which will take time. The brake services provided by Extra Care Autos are efficient and effective for cars of all makes and models. It makes no difference whether you need to repair your car's disc brake assembly or replace the disc rotor or brake pads, Extra Care Autos can take care of all your braking system needs. When it comes to brake services, we only utilise high-quality components. From a disc on your high-end vehicle to a centric braking system on your automobile, our brake services can handle any problem with brakes of any kind or brand, no matter how complicated. We provide all forms of brake services, whether you need a new braking system installed in your car or a replacement brake pedal for an old one.
    It is critical to understand when your vehicle’s brakes service needs. Some of the warning indications that you may need brake repairs or servicing include the following:
    • When there is a loss of grip.
    • Lighted Warning Signs indicating a slack brake pedal
    • The vehicle is pulling to one side.
    • Vibrations in the steering wheel
    • Strange noises might be heard while braking.
    • There is a leak in the brake fluid.
    • Brakes have an odd sensation to them.
    If you discover that your brake light is on, you should get your car examined as soon as possible. Brake service is one of the most vital components of your car and should not be neglected under any circumstances since failure to do so may result in a collision. The professional experts at Extra Care Autos are dedicated to offering high-quality brake repairs and replacement services in Revesby. If you suspect that your vehicle’s brakes have been damaged, we will give you a comprehensive brake examination service to identify any more problems. Braking fluid checks, brake system checks, brake pedal analysis, and examinations on brake pads and rotors are all part of our inspection service offerings. You’re not sure what’s preventing your brakes from working properly. At Extra Care Autos, you may communicate with brake experts.


    Everything you need is at one location, from brake check to total car maintenance. If we discover a problem with your brakes or come to us with a broken brake, our team of skilled specialists in Extra Care Autos will be on hand to fix your braking system as soon as possible. Following a comprehensive inspection of the braking system (disc or conventional), we check for fluid leaks and choose the most appropriate approach. We take care of all your brake service requirements, including disc replacement and service. We employ the most up-to-date instruments and procedures to diagnose and repair the brake problem so that you get back on the road as soon as possible. High-end brake repairs are available for anything from disc brakes to basic brakes. Our costs are reasonable and uniform across the board, and our highly trained employees strive to provide you with the greatest driving experience possible. Please contact with us right now at 02 9226 2121.
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