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    Comply Your Vehicle With A RAW Workshop — Extra Care Autos

    In order to manufacture or modify a vehicle, certain rules and regulations need to be taken into account. It can only be done by a RAW workshop. RAW stands for registered automated workshops and you need to ensure that you hire the services of a firm that can comply with all the rules and regulations properly. Extra Care Autos are exactly the firm that you need. To start with, a RAW is an accredited workshop that is specially licensed to fit used import plates to compiled imported used vehicles. Registered automated workshops need to comply with all the rules, no matter if they are federal, state or local. Extra Care Autos know what's required from a RAW workshop and live up to your expectations. We are a RAW approved compliance workshop near you.

    How Does A RAW Workshop Like Extra Care Autos Differ From The Others?

    You must be curious to know about how registered automotive workshops are going to make a difference. There are very few auto repair shops like that in Sydney, and Extra Care Autos are one of them. It helps us in the following ways:
    • We can manufacture a vehicle with an approved Model Report for that vehicle. Suppose you want to get a vehicle manufactured with a particular model. When you reach out to a company that is not a RAW Workshop, it can lead you to trouble later on. But when you hire Extra Care Autos for the services, we just need to get the Model Report approved. Once that's done, we will provide you with the vehicle as per your desires, and there will be no legal issues later on.
    • Apart from the production of the vehicle, we also get to modify it too. So if you want to get your old vehicle modified at any point in time, you would need a registered automated workshop. With a RAW workshop, the modification is going to work smoothly. We will follow all the rules and regulations to make the needed modification. Afterall, we are a RAW approved compliance workshop.

    How We Function As RAW's Approved Compliance Workshop?

    Being a Registered automotive workshop, we make sure of the following things:
    • We use the updated Model Report work instructions. So the chances of any trouble with the production or modification of the model by Extra Care Autos are going to be minimal.
    • We check the vehicle to be modified to the same vehicle that applies for the approved Model Report.
    • In case there's any suspicion of fraud about the road vehicle, the department is notified immediately.
    • All records relating to the operations conducted under your RAW approval for seven years from the date a record was made are retained.
    To sum things up, our job as a RAW-approved compliance workshop is to abide by all the rules and regulations regarding the modification and manufacturing of the vehicle. We will ensure that all your desires are fulfilled, and there are no legal issues now and in the future.

    Merits Of Choosing Extra Care Autos

    There are various advantages to choosing Extra Care Autos to buy or repair your vehicle. Some of them are:
    • We will ensure that the vehicle is repaired or imported at a reasonable price
    • As a registered automated workshop, we will ensure that all the rules and regulations are followed. There are plenty of them to be taken into account on federal, state and local levels. All of that is kept in mind at our RAW workshop.
    • We provide great accuracy with our services. Once we complete the repair work, you can expect your vehicle to run smoothly for a long time.
    Would you like to make the most of a RAW approved compliance workshop? Hire us at Extra Care Autos, and you won't be disappointed. You can call us on 02-92262121 to learn more or book an appointment.
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