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    Extra Care Autos is more than just a car service business, it is your one-stop-shop for all things automotive in Padstow. Extra Care Autos offers a variety of services, including WoF, servicing, car tuning, car repairs (of any kind), tyres and alignment, batteries, and air conditioning repairs. Our primary emphasis is on providing you with excellent service at an accessible price while maintaining high-quality standards in all we do.

    Who We Are and What We Do?

    A family-owned and run company, we've been in operation since 2015 and specialise in car repairs and car service. Our highly skilled car tuning crew can take care of everything you need to keep you on the go. Our well-equipped facilities enable us to do any work you want in a timely manner. We recognise how important your vehicle is to you, and we take great delight in ensuring that it is maintained to a high level of quality.

    Why Do You Need to Have Your Vehicle Serviced?

    Over time, the heat and pressure within the engine will damage or contaminate the engine oil, causing it to become less effective. Engine oil loses its ability to protect the engine after a given amount of mileage owing to oil thickening, sludge, deposits, and corrosion-induced wear, among other factors. All these harmful components might harm your engine. This is also true for gearbox oil / automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, and axle oil / differential oil when a specific number of miles has been accumulated. In addition to engine components, there are several additional moving elements in a vehicle. For example, steering, suspension, brake, and axle components are all examples of what is available. Moving components imply that there will be wear and tear after each cycle of moving the parts. There will be excessive wear and tear in these components after a given length of time, which can lead to a variety o additional problems with your car. Some examples include oil leakage, strange sounds, or vibrations, steering or handling troubles, and brake issues, among other things. Shortly put, after a specific number of miles, an expert car service mechanic should inspect your car to determine which components should be replaced, which should be adjusted, which should be cleaned, and so forth. It is essential to remember that changing engine oil and oil filter is not a service but instead a service component.

    Reasons Why You Should Use the Technicians at Extra Care Autos?

    The company's strong work ethic is the consequence of its commitment to doing things once and doing them correctly. Extra Care Autos is known for its professionalism and excellent communication. Our car repair experts will always explain what needs to be corrected and will not proceed with any repairs until you permit them to do so.

    Fully equipped Workshop

    Our skilled car experts can come to you to service and repair your car, no matter where you are in the Padstow region. Our innovative diagnostic technology enables us to do much more than only provide breakdown assistance; it also helps us handle the most challenging issues.

    The workmanship that is guaranteed

    Extra Care Autos stands behind the quality of any work that is completed. For our customers' peace of mind, the warranty life has been increased at no further cost to them. Each piece of our work comes with a warranty.

    Hassle-free fleet maintenance

    Commercial fleet owners appreciate the ease of having Extra Care Autos come to their location to repair their vehicles.

    Competitive pricing

    At Extra Care Autos, we believe in and provide reasonable prices. All costs are the same as, or less expensive than, those charged by extensive mechanical workshops. Everyone who visits our store gets individualised attention and care. This indicates that we are concerned about addressing your issue and always provide courteous, timely, and helpful service.

    It is Simple to Collaborate with Us!

    If you need to have your automobile serviced or repaired, stop by our service centre right away to have your car back in working order! Although our charges are a fraction of what our rivals charge, you can be certain of receiving first-class service from us. All the services we give will be priced upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the process.
    We'll schedule a diagnostic once you call Extra Care Autos, then we'll discuss your alternatives with you and keep you aware of any changes along the process. To speak with one of our car servicing experts in Padstow, you can call us at 02 9226 2121.
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