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    You may be interested in getting your car serviced. If this is the case, the decision is straightforward. When you choose Extra Care Autos, you are selecting the highest level of safety and efficiency. available in a car mechanics shop. You won't have to go far to locate your perfect car mechanic expert, thanks to our services all around Padstow. We know that not all our clients are familiar with the operation and significance of the numerous systems found in a car. As a result, our team of skilled mechanics takes the time to meet your unique requirements and discuss the many repair choices available to you. We are certain that after your visit to our shop, you will understand the importance of each repair and how they are tied to your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

    At Extra Care Autos, we are all focused on accomplishing our objective

    To build long-term relationships with our clients, we strive to provide consistently high-quality service and workmanship in a setting that fosters trust, fairness, and respect. We aspire to be one of the best auto repair and maintenance choices for our clients based on long-term relationships.

    Your Neighborhood Mechanic

    All the local facilities at our car mechanic shop are owned and run by us, which means that in the vast majority of situations, the locals themselves provide customised care to their clients at their location. Because of this commitment, we can differentiate ourselves from our competition, as we endeavor to provide an excellent experience to each one of our thousands of pleased clients.

    Our Philosophical Approach

    Our concept is straightforward: we deliver the greatest level of service at the most reasonable costs possible, backed by a guarantee. It is not just about what we do for our customers, but also about how we go about doing it. We give technical competence while maintaining a high level of pride and honesty in our work.
    Automobile vehicle repair and maintenance facilities staffed by mechanics who can be trusted, just as they would trust their doctor or their dentist, are becoming more popular among automobile owners nowadays. This is the kind of connection that Extra Care Autos works hard to establish.
    The independent car repair and vehicle maintenance sector is confusing for many customers because it is so diversified, with car mechanics in everything from oil changes to exhausts, tyres to gearboxes, and everything in between. The fact that we are full-service facilities with everything from a simple oil change to advanced engine diagnostics conducted by trained, certified mechanics means no misunderstanding or uncertainty at Extra Care Autos.

    With our experience, we can provide answers to even the most difficult questions

    Our priority is to make sure that you are not driving in an unsafe state or that your vehicle is on the verge of breaking down. Our mechanics communicate efficiently and are knowledgeable about the appropriate follow-up questions to ask to discover any concerns that may be affecting your vehicle correctly. Everything is explained to you directly by the specialist examining your car, allowing you to understand better how your vehicle is running and how we intend to repair it.
    Take advantage of this chance to browse our extensive list of car services and learn more about your car. As one of the leading car mechanic shops around the vicinity, we take great satisfaction in informing our clients about the advantages of routine services like a maintenance tune-up, tyre rotation, wheel alignment, replacement of the fuel filter, or oil, lube, and filter servicing.
    Without a thorough grasp of the systems and components of your car, you must take your vehicle to a reputable car mechanic for service. We will not only correct the problem, but we will also take the time to explain it to you in a manner that you will understand.

    What are the benefits of Extra Care Autos?

    Choose Extra Care Autos, and you will get vehicle repair based on ethics. Our clients have complete confidence in our specialists to get their cars back on the road in a safe and timely way after an accident.
    Never be concerned about automobile problems at our again since you’ll always get honest and competent service from our mechanics.
    If you reside anywhere nearby the Padstow region, then we're just a call away. Dial us at 02 9226 2121 for more.
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