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    Car Air Conditioning Panania

    Premier Car Air Con Experts in Panania

    Extra Care Autos is the place to go when you are looking for car air conditioning repairs nearby Panania. We may have freezing winters in Australia, but we also have scorching, humid summers at the same time. You don't want to get into your vehicle in the middle of the summer, turn it on, and have hot air blowing in your face.

    Service for Automobile Air Conditioning

    A frequent car air conditioning service will assist to guarantee maximum comfort for the driver and all passengers, particularly on those sweltering summer days when you'll need it the most. Did you realise that your air conditioner does more than just pump cool air into the vehicle's interior when it is turned on? It also helps to evacuate the heated air from the inside of the car when necessary.
    In automobiles, the car air conditioning system has many elements and components, all of which need regular maintenance to function properly. Like any other vehicle component, these components are subject to wear and tear, and regular maintenance may assist in keeping them functioning as smoothly as possible!

    What Extra Care Autos do?

    The following tasks will be completed when you schedule an appointment with Extra Care Autos repair for your car air conditioning maintenance inspection:
    • At the start of the service, make sure the output temperature is correct.
    • Check the pressures in the system.
    • Visually evaluate the system and make any necessary adjustments.
    • Check the functioning of the condenser fan and blower motor.
    • Make that the cabin air filter is working properly.
    • Check to see that the system is operating at its maximum capacity. Fill the container with dye (if required).
    • After the servicing, recheck the temperature of the outlet.
    Your air conditioning will continue to function for the balance of the current hot season if you have our maintenance check performed. If it stops functioning, one of our qualified technicians will come out and diagnose the issue at no cost to you!

    Repair Services for the Air Conditioning in your Vehicle

    Car air conditioning repair may entail a wide range of operations ranging from minor to major in scope and complexity. Whether it's an annual inspection or performance check, or the diagnosis and repair of system components, a certified technician can handle it all at your local Panania location. Regular inspections assist to verify that the cooling system is operating efficiently and detect any refrigerant leaks. The following are examples of additional services that your car may require:
    • Check the level of the system's fans
    • Reading the PSI pressure of the system to determine the amount of Freon.
    • Checking the output temperature
    • Examination of the blower fan and compressor to check that they are in good working order
    • Belts and hoses are inspected for signs of age and probable failure to prevent catastrophic failure.
    • Identifying and diagnosing potential faults such as defective switches, fuses or wiring, a malfunctioning condenser, or an internal compressor seal failure.
    • Recharging the Air Conditioning in Your Automobile
    Because Extra Care Autos is one of the premier car service and repair facilities, each skilled technician at Extra Care Autos knows that obtaining any kind of vehicle repair makes most customers worried and cautious. Nothing is more important to us than safety therefore, from brakes to engine repair, car air conditioning systems, gearboxes, and beyond, you can be certain that Extra Care Autos provides the highest quality vehicle service at the most competitive prices.
    When you require car air conditioning services, look to Extra Care Autos, which serves the surrounding region of Panania. Call now at 02 9226 2121 to schedule your air conditioning maintenance and take advantage of our special rates!
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