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    High-quality Auto Electricians in Padstow

    Is the engine light on in your car flashing? When you accelerate, does your automobile feel like it's running out of gas? Have you noticed that your rear window is no longer shutting properly? Is there an odd odour lingering around the dashboard of the car? Any number of factors might be causing the problem, like engine problems, worn brake pads, a problem with your cambelt, or a problem with your electrical system. Extra Care Autos is happy to provide quick and effective vehicle repairs on all makes and models, including international automobiles, at competitive prices. You can rely on our highly trained auto electrician professionals to repair your car in a safe, professional, and cost-effective manner. High-quality replacement parts and lubricants are used to comply with the criteria of your vehicle's manufacturer's warranty. Alternatively, you may bring your car into Extra Care Autos, and have it inspected, or you can call us for an evaluation right away.
    Extra Care Autos is equipped to handle any electrical repair and any number of repairs that your car may need. Your automobile will be diagnosed correctly and repaired quickly in our contemporary workshop since we have the newest technology, including the most up-to-date diagnostic software, to guarantee a timely repair. Our services are available for all makes and models of automobiles, from your BMW or Toyota, among others. Receive clean craftsmanship on all regular repair services, including but not limited to the following:
    • Tuning up your tyres and wheel balance.
    • The work of cam belts and drive belts, braking and suspension components, and cv joints
    • clutches and transmissions.
    • Transmissions that operate on an automated basis.
    • Radiators and pump repairs.
    • Engine maintenance and repair.
    • Alternators, fog lights, auxiliary lights, reversing cameras and parking sensors are installed by us.
    • Exhaust pipes for the suspension engine replacement
    • Upgrades to the vehicle's ECU and powertrain

    Why should you go with Extra Care Autos for automobile repairs and modifications in Padstow?

    A High Level of Qualification

    Extra Care Autos employs auto electrician specialists that have been authorised. And with years of combined expertise and understanding, you can be certain that your vehicle will be serviced to the greatest possible degree of quality.

    Being Open and Transparent

    Transparency is especially important to us here at Extra Care Autos. You will always be aware of where you stand, and you will be given an accurate estimate of the cost of any work before it is started.

    We are Adaptable

    Unlike your typical auto electricians, Extra Care Autos offers a variety of services. Our technicians are highly skilled car electricians and vehicle modification professionals, among other things. We can do high-quality repairs on all major automobile brands. We approach our work with a comprehensive perspective.

    Customised and Approachable

    It is our pleasure to work with a professional team of auto electricians and automobile technicians who are pleasant, competent, and experienced and explain technical words in simple English. For more information on why Extra Care Autos is your go-to auto repair and maintenance shop in Padstow, or for more information on your warrant of fitness needs, contact the staff right now at 02 9226 2121. Get In Touch