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    The team at Extra Care Autos has a special talent for resolving intricate auto-electrical issues, even some that other area technicians have been unable to resolve. Our perseverance and expertise, along with contemporary diagnostic tools, enables us to find the underlying cause of even the most difficult automobile issues.
    Extra Care Autos is available to come to you at a time and location that is suitable for you and your schedule across Milperra. You have the option of having us come to your home or business, which gives you the flexibility to go about your day as usual. This means you won't have to worry about finding someone to drop you off at the mechanics to pick up your automobile. There will be no more waiting for your car to be serviced or repaired at a garage. There will be no more squandered time or trouble. Customers that utilise our auto electrician’s service regularly include busy professionals or a family car. Many tradesmen also like the fact that our mechanics come to them since they don't have to unload their tools or equipment from their vehicles.
    There are several auto-electrical services offered by Extra Care Autos, including the following:
    • Repairing and calibrating the speedometer
    • Repairs to the starter motor
    • Coding of the injector
    • Car Alarm systems installations
    • Car alarm system checkups
    • Other car electrical works
    • Car wiring checkups
    Extra Care Autos' auto electricians utilise a diagnostics unit to help them diagnose problems with your vehicles.
    Engine, brake, traction control, and airbag warning lights on your dashboard might all be indicators of a problem with various components of your vehicle. Modern automobiles are equipped with at least one electronic control unit (ECU), an embedded system that regulates the electrical systems and subsystems of the car under consideration. Some automobiles feature as many as 80 electronic control units (ECUs), which makes determining what is wrong with your vehicle difficult.
    Extra Care Autos provides vehicle diagnostics as part of our services to guarantee that your issue is appropriately detected and that the relevant repair is carried out. Because various makes and models of cars need different diagnostic equipment, we have a variety of equipment from some of the major manufacturers. The time it takes us to identify the problem with your car is around one or two hours, following which we will discuss the various repair alternatives with you.
    If you have, you had a breakdown in your vehicle, and then it could be that your alarm is going off and it must be turned off as soon as possible. You might also be stopped in your driveway because your vehicle won't start. No matter what has occurred to your car or where you have broken down, our highly trained auto electricians will be there to help you as quickly as possible.
    Our fully equipped workshop provides us with the ability to diagnose and repair any issues on the spot, saving time and money. Anywhere in Milperra, we'll have you back on the road as soon as we can.

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    We train our auto electricians to achieve informed and personalised assistance while also taking a proactive approach to customer service. As a customer of Extra Care Autos, you can be certain that your vehicle's safety and comfort are our highest concerns. Every customer's car is essential to us, regardless of its make and model, and each vehicle receives the kind of attention it deserves.
    In addition to electrical issues, oil changes, paint protection, brake and suspension replacement, and all types of tyre services, Extra Care Autos is a garage with the most experienced staff of auto technicians in the region. To keep their skills up to date, our automotive service experts are well trained. We are just a phone call away at 02 9226 2121.
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